The guide will give you an overview of the following:

What does Learning Online mean?, Digital Skills required for online learning, Online Learning Communities, How to be organized digitally, Managing Digital Distractions, Online Learning Communities, Managing and Securing your Information Online and General Tips for Learning Online


Who are we?

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) will be steered from a learning organisation perspective to:

  1. Support the entire University community/stakeholders with their learning, teaching and assessment activities across all modes of study as well as their overarching academic planning and promotion needs (inclusive of staff community engagement activities, workload, evaluations, learning analytics, meritorious awards, teaching facilities and work integrated learning activities in an innovative manner)
  2. Coordinate the development of a variety of short courses, while investing in professional development activities
  3. Coordinate the development of online learning and teaching materials from a Learning Design perspective
  4. Ensure that its stakeholders may enjoy a quality, state of the art physical and online learning and teaching environment

Our Vision

We strive to be a leader and Centre of Excellence that avails innovative learning, teaching and academic support services, through the use of various eLearning and digital tools across all modes of study.

Our Mission

To be recognised as a provider of various academic support services inclusive of all learning, teaching and authentic assessment practices and coordinating the development of quality and diversified short course content and study materials for all stakeholders in the University, within Namibia and internationally.

Why Choose CILT?

  1. Enhanced assessment administration
  2. Improved document trail records
  3. Flexible and distributed student assessment services
  4. Immediacy of assessment feedback
  5. Enhanced student-tutor interaction
  6. Learning analytics
  7. Plagiarism control

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