The Learning and Teaching Enhancement section deals with effective and efficient management and administration of, inter alia,learning and teaching, assessment of/for learning and teaching , academic planning, professional development, academic workloads, short courses, Community Engagement, Academic Meritorious Awards, Data Analytics For Academic Purposes, Monitoring & Evaluation of learning and teaching activities, processes and facilities. The Section provides leadership within the University of Namibia, including staying abreast with the latest trends in the continuously evolving higher education landscapes pertaining to the section’s mandate. The key duties and responsibilities are guided by the various UNAM Academic Policies. These key duties and responsibilities includes, amongst others:

•    Facilitating Higher Education research on Learning & Teaching (L&T) matters;

•    Ensuring the development and implementation of all academic policies, as well as procedures, rules and regulations: Short Courses; Cooperative Work Integrated Education; Community Engagement; Workloads; Academic meritorious awards; L&T Evaluation and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes;

•    Facilitating the development and implementation of credit and non-credit bearing short courses;

•    Conduct CPD programmes such as the Induction programmes on L&T for new academic staff across all Campuses.

•    Conducting monitoring and evaluation in programmes of L&T across all Campuses and modes of delivery

•    Conduct periodic audits of L&T infrastructure and technology and implementation of all recommendations enabling us to set minimum standards for all L&T infrastructure

•    Assisting with Student-Lecturer forums and other L&T platforms for student engagement across all Campuses

•    Verifying academic workloads and providing feedback to academic faculties, schools Departments, Centers and Directorate: Human Capital for appropriate actions

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Enhancement section LTESupport(at)unam.na for further guidance.

Meet our Deputy Director (LTE)

Dr. Frans Persendt

Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE)

Email: fpersendt(at)unam.na

Tel:+264 61 206 4682

Meet our Coordinators

Ms. Chuma Mayumbelo

Learning & Teaching Support

Email: cmayumbelo(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 4614

Mr. Havelinus Shemuketa

Monitoring & Evaluation

Email: hshemuketa(at)unam.na

Tel:+264 61 206 4671

Mrs. Fiona Anderson

Continuous Professional Development

Email: fanderson(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 4539

Ms. Lovisa Nghipandulwa

Industry & Cooperative Education

Email: knghipandulwa(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 4891

Meet our Team

Ms. Emelda De Klerk

Assistant Coordinator

Email: edeklerk(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 3582

Mr. Karl Van Wyk

Administrative Assistant

Email: kvanwyk(at)unam.na

Tel:+264 61 206 3581

Mr. Sakaria Shakaalela

Assistant Coordinator Monitoring & Evaluation

Email: sshakaalela(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 3906

Ms. Martha Jonas

Assistant Coordinator

Email: mjonas(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 4751

Ms. Josephine Nghipandwa

Assistant Coordinator

Email: jnghipandwa(at)unam.na

Tel: +264 61 206 4774