It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT).

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) is an academic support centre responsible for supporting all academic activities within Faculties across all modes of study. All activities of the Centre contribute to the overall achievement of the Centre’s mandate and it equally contributes to the University’s overall Vision and Mission and its functions include:-

  • Strategic management and leadership of the Centre
  • Academic Planning
  • Oversee innovative learning and teaching
  • Manage Professional Development activities
  • Coordinate Cooperative and Work Integrated Education (CWIE)
  • Manage Student Feedback and academic Staff Promotions, Evaluations for Academic Appointments
  • Coordinate Community Engagement activities


The Office of the Director provides leadership in directing and managing the daily operations of the Centre. Through Strategic planning, the Office of the Director ensures the growth of CILT taking into account, the Centre’s goals and annual business/management plan, which ensures continued growth and improvement.


The Office of the Director promotes and maintains awareness of current and future trends in Open, Distance and eLearning and monitors global technological developments, thus ensuring that CILT achieves its vision and mission.


Our main functions include but are not limited to:


      1. Supports staff resourcing for CILT functions, activities and programmes;
      2. Liaises with all relevant stakeholders;
      3. Collaborates with stakeholders as per the needs assessment of CILT;
      4. Initiates and conducts continuous professional development through CILT projects
      5. Presides, participates and provides leadership in all decision-making aspects within the Centre;
      6. Formulates relevant UNAM Open, Distance and eLearning policies and maintains the academic policies and standards of best practice;
      7. Fosters research-based professional development for Open and Distance Learning as well as eLearning;
      8. Ensures solid infrastructures for the Centre and coordinates financial support to acquire needed infrastructures;
      9. Ensures the Centre’s strategic goals are in line with the University’s overall Strategic Plan;
      10. Develops and maintains smart partnerships with all stakeholders;
      11. Runs the delivery of day to day activities of CILT’s internal and external marketing campaigns.


Through online support users can request for various services rendered by CILT. Under the help topics, for example:


      1. Booking of venues
      2. Distance students’ inquiries
      3. Multimedia equipment bookings
      4. Lecture video recording service requests
      5. Request for Moodle LMS services


We strive for timely responses to meet our clients’ needs.

Meet our Director

Dr Maggy Beukes-Amiss

Director: Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT)

Email: cmbeukes(at)

Tel:+264 61 206 3001

Meet our Team

Mrs. Anneliese Groenewald

Project Facilitator

Email: abezuidenhout(at)

Tel: +264 61 206 4863

Ms. Rosy Schaneck

Office Administrator

Email: rschaneck(at)

Tel:+264 61 206 3130