Drawing on UNAM’s larger vision of promoting excellence in all aspects of learning and teaching, the unit undertakes a coordinating function and works with academic leaders and faculty in general in:

  1. the development of policies and guidelines on academic meritorious awards, community engagement,  academic workloads, learning and teaching facility auditing; 
  2. guiding, training and supporting Faculties in navigating and implementing said frameworks, policies, and  
  3. optimising the implementation of policies through adoption of technology-enhanced business processes. 


Academic Meritorious Awards 

We coordinate the development, implementation and review of the academic meritorious awards policy and procedures. Our interest is to work with faculty and encourage them to achieve recognition for excellence in teaching, research and innovation, and community engagement. 

Academic Workloads 

We coordinate the development, implementation and review of the teaching workload policy and guidelines. We verify academic workloads and support academic leaders to implement the workload policy by helping them to complete the workload template accurately, and advise on the impact of high workloads on the quality of learning and teaching. 

Community Engagement 

We complement the University’s vision of being a socially relevant organisation that stays connected to the communities it serves.  In this respect,  we collect information for the University on community engagement initiatives undertaken by faculty. 

Learning and Teaching Facilities Auditing  

We coordinate the conducting of audits of teaching and learning venues, equipment and learning and teaching aids at all UNAM campuses and collaborate with relevant departments / sections within UNAM to ensure that learning and teaching infrastructure and equipment is fit for purpose. 


Find out more about our support services at:


Ms. Chuma Mayumbelo

Tel: +264 61 206 4614,  

email: cmayumbelo(at)unam.na;


Ms. Emelda De Klerk;

Tel: +264 61 206 3582,

email: edeklerk(at)unam.na;


Mr. Karl Van Wyk

Tel: +264 61 206 3581,

email: kvanwyk(at)unam.na or


Ms Martha Jonas

Tel: +264 61 206 4751,

email: mjonas(at)unam.na


Housed in the Section: Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE), the mandate of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit is to coordinate and manage all functions related to the evaluations of teaching effectiveness for all academic programmes offered at all UNAM campuses, through online and non-online evaluation systems. In particular, the Unit conducts surveys in order to generate feedback in respect of learning and teaching from academic staff and students within UNAM. The surveys are conducted by means of four main tools:  


  1. Student evaluation tool (SET); 
  2. Self-reflection tool (SRT); 
  3. Peer observation tool (POT) and 
  4. Supervisor observation tool (SOT). 


The purpose of using four primary tools is to obtain data from multiple sources in order to increase credibility and trustworthiness, through improved validity and reliability. In the context of UNAM, the use of multiple sources of data is also referred to as the ‘360 degree’ evaluation, which is known to enhance objectivity in assessing programme implementation effectiveness.


Moreover, the Unit produces and disseminates evaluation feedback reports to Head of Departments and upon request, to individual lecturers. Apart from staff and student evaluations, the Unit carries out equally important evaluations studies including implementation evaluation and impact assessments on Continuing Professional Development and other related activities within the Centre. Essentially, the Monitoring and Evaluation functions cut across all the activities of LTE.


For any support related to M&E within UNAM, please do contact us at:





As well as:


Mr. Havelinus Shemuketa

Tel: +264 61 206 4671,

e-mail: hshemuketa(at)unam.na



Mr. Sakaria Shakaalela

Tel: +264 61 206 3906,

e-mail: sshakaalela(at)unam.na. 

About Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


The Continuing Professional Development unit coordinates continuing professional development programmes for all UNAM academics, and other educators and professionals. In order to achieve that mandate, the unit: 

  1. coordinates the design, development and implementation of short courses; 
  2. coordinates the administration of educators’ developmental programmes, i.e Diploma in Junior Primary Education (In-service) 
  3. collaborates with other departments, faculties, schools and centres to provide mentorship guide for the new staff members of the university.  
  4. the unit was established to assist with improving the quality of learning in the general education sector and the University of Namibia – attained through effective, sustained, site-based, collaborative and responsive continuing professional development (CPD).
  5. the unit’s targeted beneficiaries are therefore general education educators (e.g. school teachers, school managers and education officers) and higher education educators (e.g. lecturers) at the University of Namibia.


Please contact the Learning and Teaching Enhancement section: 


LTESupport(at)unam.na for further guidance.

or contact:


Fiona Anderson

Tel: +264 61 206 4539

e-mail: fanderson(at)unam.na



The Industry and Cooperative Education Unit, housed in the section Learning and Teaching was established to:


  1. Spearhead the coordination of all types of Cooperative Work Integrated Education (CWIE) across UNAM faculties;
  2. Strengthen and formalize links with national and international industries and stakeholders through strategic partnerships in an effort to increase UNAM’s graduate’s employability.
  3. Facilitate work readiness programmes to enhance graduate employability skills.
  4. To develop and ensure implementation of the institutional policy and procedures on CWIE at UNAM.

For more information please contact :


Ms Lovisa Nghipandulwa

Tel: +264 61 206 4891

email:  knghipandulwa(at)unam.na or


Ms Josephine Nghipandwa

Tel: +264 61 206 4774

email: jnghipandwa(at)unam.na


Please follow us on our facebook page and our online news letter from the links below:

UNAM’s institutional affiliations on CWIE: World Association on Cooperative Education: www.waceinc.org


Are you a final year student in 2022?  


The Ready4Work Programme is for you.

UNAM is to introduce a new “Ready4Work Programme” for final year students. It is equipped with essential soft skills to help graduates supplement the hard skills learnt, and transition into the world of work more easily. 



 • Work readiness skills. 

• Improve your employability. 

• Obtain a Certificate of Completion. 

• Gives you a competitive advantage. 

• Helps you to navigate the work place. 

• Structures your professional character. 

 • Helps you learn, unlearn, relearn for 4IR. 

• Help you integrate into the world of work. 

• The Programme is free, fun and self-paced. 

• Provides knowledge that is not readily offered in any lecture hall. 



 For any enquiries about the programme, please contact the Centre for Innovation in Learning & Teaching (CILT): 


Ms Lovisa Nghipandulwa | Email: knghipandulwa(at)unam.na | Tel: +264 61 206 4891 


Ms Josephine Nghipandwa |Email: jnghipandwa(at)unam.na| Tel: +264 61 206 4774 


More links:


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FAQs – Ready4Work Programme



Please refer to main FAQ on site.




Please refer to main FAQ on site.




Please refer to main FAQ on site.



Download FAQs -Ready4Work Programme

Download Student guide

Download Industry guide

Download Expression of interest form